Ausflug Apo Island

Apo Island

Spritzige Überfahrt mit einer Banca von Antulang nach Apo Island. Mit Guide Noujo tauchen wir erst am Tauchplatz Chapel. Nach der Dekopause am Dorf fahren wir weiter zum Mamsa Point. Dort machen wir einen rauschenden Drift-Tauchgang vorbei an Seeschlange, Schildkröte, Makrelen-Schwarm und VBF.



Hi Sabine, I just discovered

Hi Sabine, I just discovered your mail, thank you very much. Reminds me of how fun it was when you and Andreas and Thomas were there. I enjoyed the company, and I am now sorry I did not have that much time when you were there. I hope that you would be able to come back. Thomas said he plans to be back by 2011, maybe June or earlier. Or maybe you can email him. I will be keeping in touch.

I am home now in San Carlos and we have unlimited internet here at home. Also, I will send you photos of us from time to time. The other pictures are your two sons? There was no caption.

Best regards, and do say hello to Com. Andreas. It was really a privilege to have met you both.